The Hill Primary School


The world is becoming ever connected through digital means and it is essential that pupils are taught to become responsible, competent and confident within the digital world. It is therefore essential that pupils are taught a high quality computing curriculum. We aim to inspire pupils to want to continue to learn and apply the skills taught when they move to secondary school, university and beyond in the workplace.

Pupils will have the opportunity to both understand and work with different devices and technologies to allow them to become competent and responsible users as they mature. We engage with our local Computing Hub based at Parkhouse School in Newbury to advise, support and offer training and development for staff. The school also takes on lead roles within the Computing at School Network within Reading Authority. 

Some of the equipment and resources that pupils currently have the opportunity to engage with include:

data harvesters, beebots, microbits, desktop computers, laptop computers, android tablets and ipads. 

Computing overview

Computing progression

Computing policy 

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