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At The Hill Primary School, our reading curriculum will enable every child to become a fluent, confident reader to allow them not only to access the breadth of the curriculum but to help them to explore the world around them.   

By experiencing a wide range of reading materials, genres and authors, children will be immersed in a variety of issues such as culture, race, socio-economic status, disability and other social issues to help them to broaden their understanding of the world. 

Reading is a source of great pleasure and one that we hope all of our children will carry forward. By the time they leave The Hill, children will understand that reading can enrich their lives. 



At The Hill school we use Floppy’s Phonics as our chosen systematic synthetic phonics framework. Whole class phonics is taught in EYFS and Key Stage 1. It may be used as an intervention in KS2 for children who need it. This programme provides a clear framework of progression beginning with simple phoneme identification, blending and segmenting to developing fluency in independent reading. The programme is support with resources such as reading books, that are fully decodable which are sent home to support reading practice, and are used in school.




Our curriculum will enable every child to communicate effectively and creatively using the written word for a range of audiences and purposes. Our text-based approach will ensure that as well as gaining the skills, children will also develop a love for writing and sharing this with others. We will also create writers who can re-read, edit and improve their writing as well as having the confidence to use the essential skills of Grammar, Punctuation.


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