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At The Hill Primary School we believe that through the study of history, children make sense of their world and enrich their understanding of it. We firmly believe that it helps children build an awareness of themselves and their peers within the context of local, national and international events. History provides a sense of identity, recognising the changes that have taken place which have led us to the world that we know today. In celebrating our diverse heritage, history can help to promote both diversity and inclusivity. Through this curriculum, children will understand the similarities and differences between societies and cultures, and the impact of changes on people and place.  

We recognise that children start their journey throughout history and primary level, and this stage is crucial in embedding practices, knowledge and skills of the historian, which pupils will continue to develop throughout their education. This journey should allow pupils to develop their curiosity, engage their minds, complex thinking and most of all, it should be fun and exciting to ensure that pupils develop a genuine passion for the subject and their shared history.  


Pupils at The Hill will have an opportunity to develop these skills:

  • Developing chronological awareness. 
  • Gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms. 
  • Make accurate observations. 
  • Demonstrating curiosity through questioning. 
  • Recognising patterns and identifying relationships. 
  • Understanding historical contexts and enquiry. 
  • Use evidence to investigate historical claims and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed. 
  • Organise, evaluate and communicate information. 
  • Predicting and applying knowledge to differing contexts. 
  • Analysing and interpreting evidence and drawing conclusions.
  • Making links to local historical events, people and places. 

History overview

History progression

History policy

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