The Hill Primary School


Senior leadership team

Mr Jones - Head Teacher

Mrs Lindsell- Deputy Head

Mrs Spencer- Assistant Head Teacher (EY and KS1 Lead)

Miss Gumbrell- Special Needs co-ordinator

Mrs Allong - School Business Manager

EYFS and KS1 teachers

Cherry (EYFS)-Mrs Spencer and Mrs Sprackling

Oak(EYFS)-Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Tyreman

Willow (Yr1)-Miss Pattison

Beech (Yr 1)-Mr Whitfield

Maple (Yr 2)-Miss Holt

Birch (Yr 2)-Miss Shuman

PPA cover-Mrs Hughes

KS2 teachers

3B-Mrs Betts

3TS-Mrs Sainsbury

4A-Miss Alexander

4H-Mrs Piper

5H-Miss Howell/Miss Grainyte

5S-Miss Stone

6HW-Mrs Huntington and Mrs Wordsworth

6W-Miss Whight

PPA Cover- Mrs Haines


Office staff

Mrs Allong - School Business Manager

Mrs Briginshaw - Finance and admin assistant

Mrs Samoylenko - School administrator

Miss Carson - Receptionist and administrator

Mr Sadler - Caretaker


Lunchtime staff

Miss Hopping

Mrs Lai

Mrs Waugh

Support staff

Mrs Alban

Mr Amieiro

Mrs Chinn

Mrs Dawes

Mrs Etherington

Mrs Gay

Mrs Haines (HLTA)

Mrs Hughes (HLTA)

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Ivey-Michie

Mrs Mann

Ms Maskova

Ms Nathaniel

Ms Paliwal

Miss Rackley

Mrs Shuaib

Mrs Snow

Miss Szram

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Webster

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Williams  


There has been no time taken off by staff who are Union officials.